I am ecstatic that I was invited to participate in the Kenwood High School “NAWIC Construction Lunch and Learn” presentation.

Kenwood’s goal with the project was to increase female participation in the construction programs from 2 (a junior in level 1 and a senior in level 2 plumbing/0 females in carpentry) to 10 students.  They met and even exceeded that goal!

There are now 6 girls signed up for Carpentry next year and 5 signed up for Plumbing.

The NAWIC presentation was a very powerful tool in getting girls into the program- girls who had to change their schedule deliberately with a counselor, and with parental permission at that point in the year.

I spoke to the teenage girls about entrepreneurship in construction and the contract opportunities available by leveraging the supplier diversity and economic inclusion goals set by the State of Maryland and local municipalities.

“As I watched the girls in the audience, I did not see anyone on her phone or not paying attention- which is amazing.  While there were not too many questions asked within the group, I noticed that a few girls went up to the NAWIC members individually after the presentation to ask questions. ” Said Valerie Brennan, Kenwood High School. “We want to make sure that we empower those girls who are in the program and work on a plan to recruit more.  A huge thank-you to NAWIC for the design and implementation of this presentation”